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My Book-Baby Reveal

It’s struck me many times over the last 18 months that writing books is a little like having a baby (albeit in a non-human-creating, non-life-altering way). The writing is like the pregnancy (only it feels even longer) and the last round of edits are like the final push of childbirth. The end result is of course not a baby, nor anything close to a baby, but the process does have parallels (if a lot more wine). And in that analogy, in my head at least, the book cover reveal is the scan – the advance-photo of what’s on the way.

When I first saw the cover of The Other Side of the Wall last year, I thought nothing could ever be this exciting again. I was completely wrong – touching the actual printed book was even better, seeing it on a shelf was indescribably amazing, and the launch was the best fun ever. Nothing could compete with a first book-baby I figured.

Then along comes a second book, and along comes a second book cover, and  it turns out, it’s just as exciting as first time around.

My new book, One Click, is about a woman who posts a photo of a stranger online, and the unintended, far-reaching consequences that follow. And here’s my scan photo – One Click, due date May:

One Click - Andrea Mara - Office Mum





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