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I married a man who has jumped out of a plane in his time. I on the other hand, keep myself firmly belted in whenever I’m not on solid ground.

He is tall and athletic; I am small and, well, just small.

He likes football and rugby and golf. I like shopping and make-up and shoes.

He’s a get up and go type of guy, whereas I like to think about things, a lot, before I act.

He’s not afraid to take a risk, while it might be a safe bet to call me risk-averse.

He buys lotto tickets and I don’t (I’m waiting for him to win and split the money with me)

When he plays football, he scores goals. Whereas I am still scarred having been the last person chosen for two class hockey teams during PE in second year. In my defence, I hadn’t ever picked up a hockey stick before, so wasn’t going to be a great addition to either team – but still. Scarred.

He’s a try-anything guy, and I’m a not-sure-about-this girl.

Which is why when we were in Clara Lara recently, the day might have gone differently if it was left up to me. When the six-year-old asked if she could try go-karting, I would have said it’s for older kids. But her dad was there to buy her a ticket, which is how she ended up steering her way around the course with a big smile on her face.

Office Mum photo: gokarting

When the two girls wanted to go kayaking, I might have suggested we go back to the swings instead. But their dad took them out, and they tried something new – something I’ve never done myself (but I will the next time)

Office Mum photo: kayaking

When they wanted to swing across the river on a rope, I may have said they’d fall in and get wet, but their dad encouraged them, and they laughed their heads off when they landed in the water.

When they wanted to go on the water-slide, I would have said I’d run out of money. But their dad did it with them, and all three proclaimed it to be the best moment of the day.

In fact, I’m not sure we’d have gone to Clara Lara at all if it was left up to me; we’d have spent Saturday sitting in Marlay Park eating brownies from the market. And that’s a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon – but isn’t quite the memory-making, boundary-pushing adventure that we had in Clara Lara.

I married my husband not because of our differences, but rather in spite of them. And now I see the rewards – lucky kids and lucky me. Or at least that’s how I’ll feel when the World Cup is over.

Office Mum photo: out on the water





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