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Diary of a Procrastinator

9.20am Homefree! Literally! All three kids at school and preschool for the first time since mid-December. I’m going to get SO much work done.

9.21am I better check email. And Twitter, in case there’s important news in the world. And Facebook, in case anyone I know posted a photo of anything vaguely cute or funny. And Instagram, because – happy place. Calm. Prettiness.

9.42am Oh dear.

9.43am I need to finish the to-do list I started last night. Otherwise how will I know what I’m doing.

9.44am I wrote the list in blue pen and I only have a black pen here… maybe I can just get over it… No. Need a blue pen.

9.54am No blue pen yet but the beds are made and there’s a wash on. Right, get on with work – there’s enough on the list already.

10.00am Stop! I haven’t had tea yet!

10.01am May as well check Facebook while boiling the kettle #multitasking

10.10am Boil kettle for fourth time and really make tea this time.

10.11am Right, where was I. Facebook? No, the list. No, not the list – start actual work.

10.40am Ooh, the post is here! Better check – it might be something good.

10.41am Visa bill. Oh well. While I’m here, I may as well go upstairs to get the next load of laundry.

10.52am There! Haven’t seen the girls’ room this tidy in ages. Now, what did I come up here for?

10.53am Seriously. Need to get back to it. New year. New resolutions and all that. Now where was I?

11.34am Whew. Coffee break. Don’t open Facebook. Well, just a little look while the kettle’s boiling.

Liquid happiness
Liquid happiness

11.49am Oops.

11.50am Time for preschool pick-up. Note to self – buy a blue pen. That will solve everything.






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