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Pesky Ponies and Image Blog Awards Short-list

Friday morning was not going well. Our final day off both work and school so it was supposed to be perfect, but kids don’t really get the whole “let’s do everything possible to make this a good day” thing.

By 8am, the six-year-old was downstairs crying because nobody was helping her to get her breakfast (what horror) and the five-year-old was upstairs crying because nobody was helping her to get dressed. The two-year-old was standing half-way down the stairs, refusing to let me carry him, refusing to walk, and refusing to let me go ahead without him. The Grand Old Duke of York came to mind, but with no 10,000 men to help. And the day just went downhill from there.

Three hours later all hell was breaking loose. The six-year-old wanted to put her Barbies in the plastic windmill house, but the toddler had all the My Little Ponies in there already, and was therefore “wrecking everything”. The five-year-old was crying because her brother stood on her head when she was lying on the ground (just don’t lie on the ground?)

Office Mum : My little pony
cheek of them – poor Barbie

Just as I was about shout/ cry/ lock myself in the bathroom (hadn’t decided which), my phone beeped – it was a message from a friend to tell me I had been shortlisted for an Image Blog Award in the Parenting category. I was caught completely off guard and thrilled to bits!

I did my best to explain it to the kids but they hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. Short-list? Awards? What? Is it a race? Did you draw a picture? Is there dancing? Anyway. 

Abandoning my attempts to explain, I announced that we were going to go down to Itsa Bagel in Dun Laoghaire for a celebratory lunch, then a trip to the playground. As soon as they heard that, they cheered up immensely, and in the end we had a brilliant day. In a round about way; because of the shortlist. Or maybe because Itsa Bagel make better food than I do.

So…. the next stage of the Image awards is a public vote, and now here I am, virtual cap in hand, asking if perhaps you’d vote for me. If you’d like to, just click this link here. It’s a one-click-one-email-address process, so very simple, I promise!

Thank you if you nominated me and thank you in advance if you’re voting, and as always, thank you for reading 🙂

Image shortlist badge Office Mum

PS Monday is usually interview series day, but due to unforeseen circumstances (spending Sunday eating cake in my dad’s house for his birthday) the next installment will be Monday, September 1st when I’ll be speaking to mum of one and magazine editor Yvonne Hogan.





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